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Common Orange Jasmine, Ye Hui Mei

  1. "以父之名 In the Name of the Father" (Yǐ Fù Zhī Míng)
  2. "懦夫 Coward" (Nuò Fū)
  3. "晴天 Clear Day" (Qīng Tiān)
  4. "三年二班 Third Year, Second Class" (Sān Nián Èr Bān)
  5. "東風破 East Wind Breaks" (Dōng Fēng Pò)
  6. "妳聽得到 You Can Hear" (Nǐ Tīng De Dào)
  7. "同一種調調 Same Kind of Tune" (Tóng Yì Zhǒng Diào Diào)
  8. "她的睫毛 Her Eyelashes" (Tā De Jié Máo)
  9. "愛情懸崖 Cliff of Love" (Ài Qíng Xuán Yá)
  10. "梯田 Rice Fields" (Tī Tián)
  11. "雙刀 Double Sabres" (Shuāng Dāo)

  1. "我的地盤 My Territory" (Wǒ De Dì Pán) 4'00"
  2. "七里香 Common Jasmine Orange" (Qī Lǐ Xiāng) 4'56"
  3. "藉口 Excuse" (Jiè Kǒu) 4'16"
  4. "外婆 Grandmother" (Wài Pó) 4'01"
  5. "將軍 Checkmate" (Jiāng Jūn) 3'20"
  6. "擱淺 Stranded" (Gē Qiǎn) 3'56"
  7. "亂舞春秋 Chaotic Dance of Spring and Autumn" (Luàn Wǔ Chūn Qiū) 4'37"
  8. "困獸之鬥 Duel of Trapped Beasts" (Kùn Shòu Zhī Dòu) 4'28"
  9. "園遊會 Carnival" (Yuán Yóu Huì) 4'10"
  10. "止戰之殤 Wounds of War" (Zhǐ Zhàn Zhī Shāng) 4'34"

Includes CD and VCD. VCD includes Common Orange Jasmine (Qī Lǐ Xiāng) MV and Wounds of War" (Zhǐ Zhàn Zhī Shāng) MV. This is a VCD - There are no region code restrictions on it.

Common Orange Jasmine: 20 USD
Ye Hui Mei: 15 USD
Together: 30 USD
shipping: depends on how much it costs me to ship it to you. combined shipping available!
Tags: cd, common orange jasmine, jay chou, vcd, ye hui mei

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