roma invicta (roma_invicta) wrote,
roma invicta

Vogus Image

  1. 水色

  2. prisoner

  3. sea

includes CD and DVD video. The DVD is region code 2 however so you need that special region free or all region dvd player to see it. I haven't been able to watch it so I don't know what's on it.

This CD also, I was lucky to find the track listing for the first one online to copy and paste the kanji but I can't read a bit of Japanese so I don't know what the songs on this one are called but they're good! definitley good!
These CDs are kinda rare (I think as I haven't been able to find them online since I bought them..) but I don't know how many people actually are interested in them so I'm not going to ask too much for them, but it's a good deal considering what I paid 20 USD each!

Price: 10 USD each or 15 USD together.
shipping: depends on how much it costs me to ship it to you. combined shipping available
Tags: cd, dvd, rare!, vogus image
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